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Published: 2022-04-10

Hello World! I am happy to introduce the first issue of the TexCreate blog posts which will be used to serve as a way to get the latest news of the TexCreate project. I plan on giving monthly updated as seen in other projects which will be a great way to show the different changes for the different TexCreate projects.

As I am happy to announce the release of the third major version of TexCreate, it can be difficult to rewrite a whole project while still trying to keep the core concepts so those migrating won’t be too lost. Although I will admit that this version is a lot different compared to the difference between version 1 to 2, hell that migration literally had a migrate command.

This version introduced the largest workspace we have seen in TexCreate, to get a better idea, here’s a quick summary of what each repo does taken from the texc_v3_sources repo.